Zen… now more than ever

We have spent quite a lot of time at home these past few months. This period has made us all realise how important it is for your home to be a place where you can fully unwind and recharge your batteries. In a calming interior. It seems as if designers have a crystal ball. Because the colours, shapes and materials that are in fashion in the bathroom in 2021 are designed to bring that Zen vibe into your home.


White, symbol of purity, lightens up the dark spots in your room and soul, clarifying your thoughts. That bright clarity can be slightly tempered with soft and natural colours such as grey, beige or brown, in all possible hues, thus creating harmony.


Zen is also movement. In Zen meditation, a lot of attention is paid to breathing, the continuous inflow and outflow of air that enters and leaves our body, without trying to change it and certainly not blocking it. That is why an interior with flowing, round, curved shapes is preferred. In this way, the energy that is present in a room can flow freely. Without running into obstacles.

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