The shower has become an integral part of the bathroom and is becoming increasingly popular. Invigorating and relaxing at the same time, with the undeniable advantage that it uses less water.

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    Personalise your shower area in every aspect, from your shower panels to your drain system, to create a veritable oasis of well-being, refreshing or relaxing.

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    Purchasing guide

    Choosing your shower in 5 easy steps

    1. Choose a location

    Decide on the ideal pace for your shower: up against one wall, in between two or three walls. After all, its location will dictate the shape of your shower tray: square, rectangular or quarter circle. If you opt for a walk-in shower or Italian shower, the ultra-slimline shower tray will be built in at floor level.

    What material? The choice is yours:

    • acrylic: light, easy to install, excellent price-quality ratio
    • quaryl: robust, smooth, pleasantly warm, so lovely to walk into
    • enamelled steel: hygienic, easy to clean. Can withstand scratches, chemical products, heat and UV rays.
    • synthetic material: anti-slip, ideal for a bespoke shower unit.

    2. Demarcate the area

    Depending on the type of shower you have chosen, the shower area be sealed off with one or several panels. These can be fixed or manoeuvrable.  

    • alcove: your shower tray is fitted in between three panels while the shower door is fitted opposite the back panel.
    • corner: to accommodate a corner shower in between two walls, you need to choose one fixed and one manoeuvrable panel.
    • walk-in shower: an open space surrounded by one or more fixed panels

    3. Choose the shower door that suits you

    Shower doors are classified in function of their opening mechanism. Each type has its own advantages:

    • sliding door: highly space-saving
    • folding door: space-saving
    • swing door: hinges in the walls and a wide opening
    • revolving door: decentred hinges, ideal if some other feature makes it difficult to open the door.

    4. Dress the walls

    Thanks to our trendy wall cladding you can give your fantasy free rein. What do you like best? The concrete look, white marble, natural stone? Or how about having your shower panels printed with your favourite photographs...

    5. Opt for convenience

    For a quick and easy solution, opt for an all-in-one shower unit. Stunning and kind to your wallet!

    Renovating your bathroom?

    There are various types of wall covering systems, the most well-known ones being Panelle by Duscholux and EasyStyle by Hüppe.

    These modular systems are easy to adjust to the available space. The combination of design and technology make them an ideal solution if you want to embark on a straightforward renovation job, without dust or noise. With these panels you can give your bathroom a modern, retro or rustic look in no time at all.

    EasyStyle Huppe