What are you looking for? Comfort, efficiency or style? Good news!

Gone are the days where you have to make that choice, for the latest generation radiators meet all those requirements. They look great and ensure that each room is at the ideal temperature!



Low-temperature radiators, choice of colours, space-saving...

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Accurately calculate your output

Use the output calculator to accurately establish how much heat you need based on the size of your room. Good for your comfort and for your wallet! 

Purchasing guide

How to choose your radiator? Follow these 4 steps!

01 What are you going to use it for?

In function of your heating system, your radiators are either or not connected to the devices in your home:

  • electricity: autonomous, the radiators are connected to the grid
  • hot water: the radiators are connected to your central heating system
  • dual: the radiators are connected to the grid and to your central heating system

02 What output do you need?

If the output is too low, your radiator will struggle to heat your room properly, which defeats the purpose. If the output is too high, you'll simply end up wasting energy.

03 Decide its optimum position

15 cm from the floor, 6 cm away from the windowsill, at least 1 metre away form your bathtub or shower: an electric radiator must be positioned exactly right. Put comfort first! A towel radiator for instance needs to be within hand's reach so that you don't have to get out of the bath or shower to help yourself to a lovely warm towel.

04 Choose a style that complements your interior

Choose a radiator that complements your bathroom's decor. How about an ultra-thin one, a tube radiator or a really trendy design?