Bathroom furniture

With the morning rush to the bathroom everything has to be in its place and functional. Finding the perfect bathroom furniture is no easy feat, especially when it comes to getting everything in the right size... With these clever tips, there is no fear of you overlooking anything when choosing THE bathroom furniture you need.


It's trendy!

This year, the furniture designers are outdoing one another in the imagination stakes to provide you with a bathroom that reflects your personality down to the last detail.

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Buyers' guide
Bring out your measuring tape

01 Bring out your measuring tape

Calculate the dimensions your furniture needs to have. Consider the layout of your bathroom and what you want to store there:

  • Large piece: practical if you want to have everything within hand's reach
  • Deep piece: ideal for maximum storage space
  • Tall piece: takes up less floor space while providing you with ample  storage
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02 Show some ingenuity

You have a choice of 3 furniture families, available in a range of sizes:

  • Wall-hung: for ease of maintenance
  • On legs: a touch of elegance
  • Floor-mounted : for optimised storage

Remember that there is nothing to prevent you to mix and match to make the most of each collection: recesses or drawers, a wardrobe or an integrated laundry basket…

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Assert your style

03 Assert your style

Practical, easy to clean, relaxing, oozing joie de vivre…: your bathroom must suit your taste and meet your needs. Express your personality in your furniture's colour and material:

  • MDF: super easy to use
  • Laminated: durable and flexible, the absolute business for rounded edges
  • Melamine: unparalleled stain resistance
  • Solid wood: natural and noble, acquires a unique patina and becomes more beautiful over time


04 Create harmony

For a harmonious whole, pick a vanity top that complements and accentuates your choice of furniture. 

You can do so in multiple ways:

  • Type: single or twin basin
  • Shape: a round, square or rectangular basin
  • Position: built-in or free-standing basin positioned in the centre, to the right or left of your vanity top or a twin basin
  • Material:
    - Synthetic: durable and easy to clean
    - Traditional ceramic: waterproof, non-porous and extremely durable
    - Glass: colourful and luminous
    - Stratified: hard-wearing and modern
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05 The grand finale

Dressing table or mirror? To style you hair, apply your make-up or shave you have a few different options:

  • Opening, triptych-style mirrored doors
  • Socket(s), power switch
  • Integrated lighting, vertical, lateral
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    Drawers, shelves or doors? 

    While they all come with their own advantages there is no law against combining them! Wall-hung units, tower cabinets or open shelving, wardrobe or integrated laundry basket, all our furniture ranges offer you a myriad of options. And last but not least: they all come in different sizes!

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