Design, economy, ecology, technology... the world of bathrooms is also innovating and it is not always easy to find your way around.

So take a look at our inspiration pages brimming with new products, design tips and trendy styling ideas! Bathrooms with furniture and storage for young and old alike. Shower units for long or quick showers, bathtubs for wellness or bubble bath evenings, toilet rooms or areas that reflect your personality... in short, ideas that will transform your home into a veritable cocoon. 

What style do you prefer?

Boho Chic

Boho Chic - Ibiza

Mix materials and colours, objects past and present, in a joyful display of freedom and nature.

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Industrial - New York

For a bathroom that oozes character, draw your inspiration from the New York lofts. 

Often situated in former industrial buildings and the picture of eclecticism!.

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Design - Milan

Milan sets the tone. Like an infallible compass, it is the one to which every Italian fashion lover turns. 

This style incorporates the very codes that gave rise to the word 'design': here, the purity of form serves the purpose of the object.

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Scandinavia - Stockholm

Simplicity is the word, not to mention the motto of the Scandinavian style that will transform any bathroom into a cocoon of comfort, practicality and stunning sleekness.

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Country - Edinburgh

The Country style oozes warmth and confidence. The materials and design take us back to our roots, to the earth.

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Romantic - Paris

Here emotion, that spontaneous passion of the heart, reigns. 

The romantic style is devoted to reverie and embraces a certain nostalgia for the grace and elegance Paris remains the eternal reference of.

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