The toilet area

In a bathroom or dedicated space, the toilet area combines comfort, design, technology, trendiness and ecology. Whether floor or wall-mounted, yet always tailored to the available space and your favourite style!

Our solutions for your toilet area


    Its trendy !

    Unparalleled hygiene, absolute comfort, revolutionary functionalities and an original, sober or contrasting design, assume ownership of your toilet space, combining modernity and elegance in perfect harmony.

    Discover the latest toilet trends!
    Purchasing guide

    Designing your toilet area? Follow these 6 steps

    01 Take a good look at your space

    How much space do you have for your toilet? The answer to that question will dictate whether you can opt for a compact or elongated, floor or wall-mounted toilet. Also consider the following:

    • A floor-mounted toilet is easy to install.
    • Mounted on a support frame, a wall-mounted toilet not only reduces clutter, noise and water consumption but also allows you to adjust the height of the bowl. For a sleek design and a floor that is easy to clean.

    02 Go for an easy life

    Want to simplify cleaning? Opt for a toilet without rim, or one fitted with TwistFlush technology (Villeroy & Boch) for optimum outflow and less cleaning.

    03 Bank on hygiene

    Optimum comfort, avant-garde technology and unparalleled personal hygiene? The shower toilet is the absolute benchmark: you can regulate the temperature of the water, the intensity and position of the jet via remote control or app. The only thing you will need is a socket in the vicinity of the toilet. 

    04 Call the colour

    Express your sense of aesthetics:

    • Choose between a round or square toilet shape, in a high-gloss or matt coloured finish.
    • Add a cleverly designed, space-saving handbasin for an organised and comfortable toilet space.

    05 Here's to prestige!

    All our toilets come with a dual-flush system to release a small or larger quantity of water. But did you know that flush plates can also absorb odours, allow you to flush your toilet remotely, diffuse scentss and discretely guide you to the toilet in the dark? 

    06 What problem?

    No waste pipe? Not a problem: once you have a socket and water supply you can connect a macerator to your toilet.

    Visoul Villeroy & Boch

    Or how about a shower toilet?

    Water is essential for personal hygiene. We use its natural cleanliness for our daily care - everywhere, except for the most sensitive part of our body. Here are only some of the reasons why a shower toilet makes perfect sense:

    • Unlike toilet paper, the pleasant water jet does not cause any irritation or inflammation of the skin.
    • Shower toilets give people with reduced mobility greater independence.
    • Shower toilets stand for the ultimate in personal hygiene.
    • Water is anti-allergenic.