Renewable energy

Use the heat of the sun, the air, the earth or groundwater to heat your home and your domestic water.

Heat pumps

Water, air, soil:
a free heat source! This source will supply you with 75 % of your energy. The remaining 25 % is generated by the electricity that operates your pump.

As a result you will no longer have to depend on fossil or nuclear fuel and your CO2 footprint will be zero. 

Thermodynamic boilers

A thermodynamic boiler combines a heat pump with a hot water boiler.

To produce hot domestic water for the entire family this boiler uses the calories in the surrounding air. A truly renewable, clean and free source of energy!

Solar water heaters

The sun can supply you with at least 50% of the hot warm water an entire family will need over the course of 1 year! Showers or baths, laundry, this free heat source can handle it all!

And what about the other 50 %? The boiler is equipped with a backup heater that is connected to the boiler and is designed to kick in when the need arises.

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