Renewable energy

Air, sun and earth energise your home

Did you know? A heat pump can do everything your boiler can... but with a very large proportion of clean, free renewable energy (and a little electricity)! 

Heat pumps for heating draw energy from the air or the ground. As for hot water for your showers and baths, there are two sustainable solutions. The thermodynamic water heater, which captures heat from the air. Or a solar water heater, which takes advantage of light. Both can cover more than 50% of a family's needs with free, renewable energy!   

What's more, the small amount of electricity needed for heat pumps is often covered by your photovoltaic panels... Or by wind power, which is a growing part of the grid's electricity mix! As you can see, it's up to you to completely eliminate your consumption of natural gas or heating oil and drastically reduce your greenhouse gas emissions!

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