Washbasins and washbowls

Our washbasins and washbowls are available in a range of materials with sensual, organic, unique or natural lines that do not compromise on modern design or convenience.

Our washbasins and washbowls


    It's a trend!

    The rare elegance of whites, harmonious colours, satiny softness… 

    Discover the washbasin and washbowl trends
    Purchasing guide

    How to choose your washbasin or washbowl in three easy steps

    01 Make a decision

    Washbasin or washbowl? Their features will make it easier to decide:


    Sits on a pedestal or can be wall-mounted. Functional, for a clean, minimalist style.


    • Built into the furniture, edge protrudes a mere few centimetres
    • Under-mounted, fitted underneath the top and blends in perfectly
    • Free-standing, sits on a table or low cabinet, a particularly stylish and attractive solution

    02 Go for the look you love

    All our materials are easy to clean. Only their distinct characteristics and your own taste can determine which is best:

    • Ceramic: smooth, tough and hard-wearing
    • Natural stone: very attractive, shock resistant
    • Synthetic materials: Flumood, solid surface, etc., for refined, designer products
    • Enamelled steel: hygienic, long-lasting and extremely scratch resistant

    03 Put your own stamp on it

    Shape and colour is what will put your personal stamp on your washbasin or washbowl. Round, oval, square or rectangular? Bright or soft colours? The choice is yours!