Towel radiators

Beautiful, practical and convenient, the towel radiator is your friend in the bathroom, provided you have the right model. Whether electric, with water, mixed, etc., discover the one that suits you.



    How do you combine comfort, respect for the environment, economy and beauty into one? The modern radiators tick all those boxes. And that in all designs - from modern to vintage, and in all colours, even in the most vibrant ones!

    Discover the towel rad trends
    Purchasing guide

    How to choose your towel rad? Follow these 4 steps!

    1. What do you want to use it for?

    In function of your heating system, your radiators are either or net connected to the devices in your home:

     Electricity: autonomous, the rads are simply connected to the grid.

    Hot water: the rads are connected to your central heating system.

    Dual: the rads are connected to both the grid and your central heating system.

    2. What output do you need?

    If the output is too low, it will struggle to heat your bathroom, and it won't provide you with the comfort you are looking for. If the output is too high you'll simply end up wasting energy.

    3. Work out where to position your rad

    15 cm from the floor, 6 cm away from the windowsill, at least 1 metre away from your bathtub or shower: an electric radiator must be positioned exactly right. And do take comfort into account, a corner rad is best positioned within hand's reach so that your lovely warm towel is in easy reach.

    4. Choose a style that complements your decor

    There are radiators to complement every style of bathroom, from ultra-thin ones to pipe radiators or why not opt for a really trendy design?