Kitchens for cooking, chatting, laughing, sharing, preparing the most delectable dishes while sorting out everything that's wrong with the world.  Kitchens that ooze the good life. 

Colourful, lively, cheerful, but above all superbly practical: these days kitchens are equipped with multifunctional appliances designed with only one thing in mind: making your life easier so that you can give your culinary creativity free rein.



Hygiene, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance, sustainable materials... the keywords in any kitchen. And one more thing: the colour of the taps. What takes your fancy: gold, bronze or matt black?

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With or without dishwasher?

Even the presence or absence of a dishwasher will influence your choice. If you do have a dishwasher you'll only use the sink to rinse vegetables and clean utensils that are not dishwasher safe. (Mythos, Franke)

Boiling hot water, straight from the kitchen tap

Ever though about the number of times you need boiling hot water throughout the day and about the time you have spent waiting for water to boil? Now imagine that you could save time, energy and space in the kitchen all in one go! That's where the GROHE Red comes in: a stunning and reliable system that safely produces boiling hot water straight from the tap. (Grohe Red, Grohe)


The Select button on the kitchen tap offers you ultimate control: push once - water on, push again water off.  (Metris Select, hansgrohe)