Each accessory forms an integral part of your everyday comfort and an opportunity to personalise your bathroom and toilet area, from the shower tray to the mirror, from the soap dish to the toilet roll holder. Whether it is a touch of retro or a dash of luxury with the elegance of gold, what unique detail would you like to add to your bathroom?

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    Practical, useful and, above all, design… This year, the accessories match the rest of your bathroom. From practical to decorative, a minor touch that will bring a smile to your face.

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    How to choose accessories? Follow these 4 steps!

    1. Give the most important items a personal touch

    A tumbler and soap dispenser are two essential washbasin items. As they are best matched to your taps think about:

    • the colour: chrome, white, black, nickel, brass…?
    • the shape: square, round…
    • the style: modern or retro.

    2. Be practical

    For maximum relaxation, make sure that you have everything you use in the bath or shower close to hand.

    • Put your family's shampoos, shower gels and other body care products on a surface that can accommodate the lot.
    • Hang your towel on a towel holder or hook you love Lovely and warm when you get out of the shower or bath!
    • A dedicated shower stool for maximum comfort.

    3. Opt for an easy life

    Get a step so that your toddlers are at the right height when brushing their teeth or combing their hair. And don't forget a little bin with a lid to keep your bathroom hygienically clean and tidy.

    Our seats and bins

    4. Don't forget "the smallest room"

    Both a separate toilet and the toilet in your bathroom need a toilet-paper holder. You can choose between a wall-mounted or free-standing one. Also a toilet brush  is essential if you want your loo to stay spick and span.

    Use a magnifying mirror for a perfect shave or flawless make-up 

    You can either place it on your washstand or hang it on the wall.