Facq in 2023 = more than 140 years' experience at the service of professionals and still with the same passion as day 1:

  • More than 950 enthusiastic members of staff 
  • 47 PROcenters and 17 showrooms
  • 3 logistics warehouses with more than 60,000m² storage space
  • immediate availability, guaranteed satisfaction
  • a Belgian family business (ISO 9001 certified since 1997), member of the GC Group.

With 140 years' experience to its name, Facq confirms its position as a major national player in its field and reaffirms its ambition to be a privileged partner to its customers and give extra visibility to the professionals in the sanitary, heating and renewable energy sector.

FACQ is committed to working with ethical brands and products that are manufactured in a sustainable fashion. It also integrates sustainable solutions like solar panels, LED lighting, insulation and underfloor heating in its own places of business. Most of the FACQ showrooms have a "Green home" area, a spot where ecology and economy go hand in hand and where fitters and consumers can find answers to all their questions about an environmentally friendly home. 


A little history



Jean Facq founded the company in Brussels (Elsene). In the early days it mainly specialised in reusing old materials but after a while he also started selling new metals. 

Since 1880, six successive generations have made FACQ the company it is today. In a certain sense, you could draw a parallel between FACQ's history and the economic, social and political events of the 20th century. 

1905 - Move
The company was growing rapidly and the warehouse soon became too small. Facq moves to Gangstraat in Elsene.

1915 - During the war
Jean Vanden Dael, the founder's grandson, joins the war as a volunteer, leaving the business to stagnate until 1919. 

1928 - Second premises
FACQ built up quite a clientele and opens a second sales outlet on Verhoevenstraat in Laken.

1931 - "FACQ Revue"
To keep its fitters up to speed, FACQ launches the magazine “Facq Revue”, some editions of which featuring illustrations by Hergé. 


Base in Zaventem

As the premises on Gangstraat in Elsene and Verhoevenstraat in Laken could no longer keep pace with the company's development, FACQ decided to build a large one-story store outside Brussels, our current sales outlet in Zaventem.

1997 - ISO 9001 certificate
FACQ obtains the ISO 9001 certificate and becomes the first business in the sector that sees the quality of its products and services recognised with this ambitious quality guarantee.

2001 - New logistics centre
To optimise the efficiency of its services, FACQ centralises them in a new 20,000 m² logistics centre in  Zaventem. In addition, the company also focuses on the Liège region with the opening of a second Sanicenter in Grivegnée. Also Hainaut is added to the list with the opening of a Sanicenter and showroom in Charleroi. 2001 is also the year where FACQ launches its first website, with an e-commerce section dedicated to professionals.

2007 - 14 Sanicenters & Showrooms


Logics centre in Alleur

FACQ continues to grow steadily. Because a second logistics centre was needed, FACQ began building a new 15,000 m² + store in Alleur. That same year, FACQ also took over the company Givord, a major player in the sanitary and heating market in the Namur-Mons region.

2009 - Opening of FACQ in Strombeek, Huy and Jemeppe
FACQ Anderlecht moves to Industrielaan 198, but not before giving the building a complete makeover. FACQ also takes over the company Knapen in Diest.

2010 - Opening Showroom Anderlecht
The work to the Anderlecht showroom has been completed and the largest showroom in Brussels (more than 4,000 m²) proudly opens its doors.

2011 -  Opening of FACQ in Arlon, Tienen and Sint-Truiden

2012 - 26 Sanicenters & 10 Showrooms


FACQ bolsters its presence in Flanders

In Tongeren, Vilvoorde and Temse, new Sanicenters open their doors. FACQ also takes over the company Claeys-Verhelst, the reference in West Flanders, giving the company a presence in Bruges and Ostend (Showroom). By now, the company also has a regional store and a Sanicenter in Oudenburg. These new locations feature in FACQ's global strategy to expand its presence across the entire Belgian territory.

2014 - Opening of FACQ in Roeselare and Bruges

2015 - Opening of FACQ in Halle, Gembloux and Marche-en-Famenne

2016 - Opening of FACQ in Sint-Agatha-Berchem and Hasselt

2017 - Facq Pro App
This year the focus was on innovation. Facq launches "Facq Pro", an app for professionals in the sanitary and heating sector. Getting information about the availability of a products based on your location, finding the address of a sales outlet or contacting the after-sales service is now child's play! 



Relocation and expansion to serve you even better

The Alleur warehouse is expanded. A staggering 192 tons of steel, 1523 m³ of concrete and 18 km of pipes for the underfloor heating were used to increase the capacity of this 16 m-high building consisting of 13 loading bays over a total surface area of 36,000 m², able to accommodate 7,000 pallets across 6 levels!

2019 - Augmented reality in Kuurne

Facq opens its 15th showroom in Kuurne. The 3,300 m² + showroom houses a revamped version of the well-known Green Homes, which now comes with an augmented reality tool that allows customers to walk a property and discover energy-efficient solutions in the field of heating, renewable energy and rainwater harvesting, room by room.

First steps in the East Cantons

Eupen, the capital of the German-speaking Community, is now also home to a new Sanicenter and Showroom with a total surface area of 3,500 m². At the other side of the country, Tournai opens its first Sanicenter; the Showroom is set to open its doors early 2020.


Growing as strong as ever

Opening of the new regional head office for Flanders in Ghent and opening of sales outlets in Tournai, Genk, Ypres and Wauthier-Braine.


Facq joins forces with the German GC-Gruppe

Facq joins forces with the German GC-Gruppe, the largest European distributor for professionals in the field of sanitary ware, heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Little wonder so that the family-run GC-Gruppe proved to be the logical and perfect partner for Facq's further development. The companies share the same vision, the same values and put great store by their staff and customer centricity.

In June, Facq opens its 46th PROcenter en 16th Showroom in Wilrijk.

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