Rectangular, oval, freestanding or a corner bath, bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes. Tired or stressed? Then a bubble bath can help you fully recharge your batteries. Space at a premium? Then easily change your bathroom into a shower.

Our solutions for your bathtub



    Baths are all the rage again! A free-standing bath that takes pride of place in the centre of your bathroom or is placed against the wall in a back-to-wall design, our originally shaped baths often play with colour. Your bath will become a true wellness object and a completely unique one at that!

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    Choosing a bath? Follow these 3 steps!

    1. Do not compromise

    • Freestanding bathtub: Oval, rectangular or round: A free-standing bathtub is an eye-catcher in large bathrooms.
    • Back to wall: This solution looks just as luxurious as a freestanding bathtub,  but takes up slightly less space as the back of the bathtub is against the wall. Available in various sizes. 
    • Built-in: Even less space? Opt for one of the many built-in models, either oval or rectangular.
    • Corner or asymmetric bath: space-saving and ideal for small bathrooms.

    2. Put comfort first

    Relaxing warm water, a pleasant feeling and easy maintenance: first and foremost, think about your comfort when choosing your bathtub material. What are the specific properties of each option? We list them here:

    • Acrylic: naturally non-slip, it absorbs the temperature of the water. Lighter than cast iron and available in various shapes and colours.
    • Enamelled steel: recyclable, an excellent heat conductor, resistant to scratches and chemicals. And very easy to maintain!
    • Synthetic material:
    • Quaryl: more resistant than acrylic and available in unusual shapes thanks to its light weight.
    • Solid-Surface: a non-porous and warm surface that is soft and smooth to the touch. Easy to maintain and repair. Hygienic, durable, robust and stain-resistant.

    3. Kill two birds with one stone

    Enjoy the best of both worlds: go for a bathtub and a shower. Several options are possible: 

    • Install a screen to prevent splashing water. 
    • Opt for a combi-shower for comfort, space-saving and blissful relaxation.
    • Who says that a bathtub has to be white? This time just go for your favourite colour.
    • No more stress and exhaustion with a bathtub with built-in wellness functions.

    What if I want to chill out completely?

    After a long working day there is nothing nicer than unwinding in a long hot bath. But how about combining that time to yourself with a delightful massage? These days you no longer have to head the spa to treat yourself to that luxury!

    Some baths come with a wellness functionality. The perfect way to dispense with stress and exhaustion!