While taps must first and foremost be of a quality that is technically flawless, they have also become an aesthetic feature and are now very much chosen to complement the bathroom's overall look.

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    Smart, in harmony, user-friendly, polyvalent... the sky is the limit when it comes to picking taps for your vanity unit, shower, bath or toilet from our breathtaking array of shapes and colours.

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    Purchasing guide

    How to choose your taps? Follow these 3 steps

    1. Choose a tap that suits your washbasin

    It's best to choose the style and height of your tap(s) and the length of the spout in function of the type of wash or handbasin. Make sure that the water jet ends up in the middle of your basin! 

    2. One or two levers?

    As you might have guessed a single-lever mixer tap comes with one lever while a dual-lever mixer tap comes with two.

    • single-lever mixer tap: one single lever and two vertical motions: vertical for the flow, horizontal for the temperature
    • dual-lever mixer tap: one lever for hot water and a second one for cold water. Operate the levers individually to mix hot and cold water. The further you open the taps, the stronger the flow.

    3. Think about harmony

    Choose a style that matches the look & feel of your bathroom. The choice of shapes and colours is endless: traditional, retro, a square or round design. Taps in silver, black or gold even. And a to the finishes, here too you have various options: polished, matt or brushed.

    Purchasing guide

    How to choose the right taps for your shower? Follow these 4 steps!

    1. Set your priorities

    What matters most to you? That the taps are easy to install or that they take up as little space as possible?

    Visible taps: these taps are surface-mounted and can be connect to your water supply in the blink of an eye.

    Built-in taps: these taps are built in to the wall for a sleek look. 

    2. A shower or a deluge?

    A soft, relaxing summer shower or an invigorating deluge? You determine the power of the water of your head shower.

    Round, square or rectangular, wall-mounted, fixed or fully integrated into the ceiling for a waterfall effect... you're sure to find a shower the shower of your dreams.

    3. Take charge!

    Just like you get to choose the shape of your showerhead, you're also in charge of the colour. From traditional chrome to sleek black. Or how about gold or a soft brass?

    4. Set your boundaries

    A mixer tap allows you to set the temperature and power of your water, while a thermostatic mixer tap allows you to set the temperature at 38 °C so that you can't scald yourself.

    How to choose the right taps for your bath? Follow these 3 steps!

    1. A single or dual-lever mixer tap?

    Traditional dual-lever mixer taps produce both hot and cold water while you need to set to flow. The somewhat more user-friendly single-lever mixer taps allow you to control the temperature by increasing or decreasing the flow. Thermostatic mixer taps are ideal if you have children using the bathroom. The system keeps the temperature stable and allows you to set it at 38 °C to prevent your brood from scalding themselves.

    2. Choose the mounting style

    Depending on your bathroom's configuration and the type of bath, you could opt for free-standing taps, built-in taps or for deck-mounted taps.

    3. Choosing shape and colour

    Go for the total look by matching your taps to the colour and style of your choice.