The 7 biggest bathroom trends of 2024

We are already a few days well into the new year and a new year traditionally means: new bathroom trends! We took a look among all the novelties from our various suppliers and discovered 7 clear trends. Which one do you prefer?

1. Organic shapes

We already saw organic shapes popping up in mirrors last year, but in 2024 it will really become a trend in its own right. Organic shapes are expanding even further in our bathrooms and now also appear in bathtubs, countertop washbasins, lighting, etc. 

Their whimsical, asymmetrical character refers to nature, where straight lines never actually occur, and give us a sense of calm. Not only do they bring softness to our interiors, but also provide a playful touch. We are fan!

Axor - Citterio
Villeroy & Boch - Antao

2. Chrome is back!

Although chrome taps have always been a fixture in the bathroom, in recent years they were rather 'not done'. If you wanted a stylish bathroom, you opted for black, gold or brushed taps. But that is no longer necessary! In 2024, silver and chrome bring the 70s back to our bathroom.

Still, is a tap in chrome just a little too plain for you? Then you can opt for champagne or copper-coloured faucets, as we will also see these colours in abundance in the coming year.

3. Ton sur ton

In 2024, we opt for one and the same colour to be reflected throughout our bathroom. This is also called ton sur ton. This way, you add colour to your bathroom, but still keep your design calm. Just make sure it doesn't get too boring. Avoid this by combining different shades of the same colour and by incorporating surprising materials and textures. Colours we often see in this trend are beige, light pink and soft green.


Sanijura - double jeu

4. Spa at home

In 2024, comfort plays an important role in our interiors. After a hard day's work, we want to be able to relax and unwind in a safe and stylish place. In our bathroom, this translates into the use of neutral colours and earth tones, natural materials and warm woods.

Create the feeling of luxury with a spacious walk-in shower, a rain shower head or a double sink. You can even go a step further and install your own whirlpool system.

Duravit - Vitrium Color Plus
hansgrohe - Rainfinity

5. Popping colours

Besides soft, monochrome colours, in 2024 we will also find very bright colours in our bathrooms. With everything going on around us, we are once again looking for colour and positivity in our lives. 

Do not hold back on this trend. For once, less is not more. Think: colour blocking with bold colour combinations and strong contrasts. From your furniture to the toilet, from your radiator to your sink: everything for your bathroom is available in a bright colour these days.

6. With or without ridges?

Until recently, this was a question you only had to ask yourself in the chips section in the supermarket, but now so too when choosing your bathroom. We also saw this trend pop up last year, especially then in bathroom cabinets, but in 2024, ribbed surfaces will come in many more applications. Think shower walls, radiators and even toilets. Ribbed furniture is a smart idea when working with a tonal colour palette. After all, relief and texture add character and bring life to your bathroom design.


7. Sustainable materials, handmade and artisanal

In 2024, we embrace imperfect structures and textures that bear witness to artisanal craftsmanship. Accessories and furniture without smooth finishes in concrete or ceramic, tadelakt or lime paint, natural fabrics, etc. The manual is allowed to be seen, so to speak. The result is a warm, cosy space that does not look perfect or slick, but still feels very stylish and luxurious.