Free-standing bathtub Oyo Duo

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Materials : Steel
Shape : Oval

Kaldewei's new OYO DUO is ideal for transforming the space into a modern private spa.

Did you know that looking at round shapes has a stress-reducing effect? That's because curves evoke associations with nature and a sense of security.

Transform your bathroom into a haven of peace and relaxation with a free-standing bathtub with rounded shape. KALDEWEI's new OYO DUO is ideal for transforming the space into a modern private spa. The graceful double-wall bathtub is perfect in its simplicity and its spacious interior guarantees excellent lying comfort. Thanks to its symmetrical shape, identical curves and central drain, the OYO DUO is suitable for bathing alone or in pairs.

The egg-shaped bath combines form and functionality. For the design, KALDEWEI collaborated with renowned German designer Stefan Diez, who was inspired by Japanese porcelain manufacture. The result is a bath with a flowing organic shape that fits harmoniously into any bathroom style thanks to its timeless elegance.

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Luxury, quality and durability

With the creation of the OYO DUO, KALDEWEI demonstrates that exceptional design and sustainable business can go hand in hand. The unique bathtub is more than a stylish bathroom unit, as it combines luxurious design with the responsible use of raw materials. 

This is because the OYO DUO is made of 100% recyclable enamelled KALDEWEI steel that meets the highest quality standards. Since all parts can be reabsorbed into the material cycle, the bath fits perfectly into the concept of a circular economy and thus also into KALDEWEI's LUXSTAINABILITY philosophy.

Oyo Duo

Available in different colours  : white, black mat, warm & cool grey

Oyo Duo