Boho Chic style

Boho means bohemian, so a Boho Chic living room or bathroom can be decorated in a playful way. Southern influences and a feminine touch are always evident, spontaneity is the order of the day and daylight is omnipresent. Natural materials such as wood and wicker are a must here, but clay or raw plaster also create a pleasant natural atmosphere. Consider an exposed sink with a textured finish or coarse woven bath linens. Indeed, much more than color - a combination of light and dark shades of sand, earth and terracotta - the Boho Chic style is an ode to texture and touch. The combination of smooth materials, such as classic bathroom ceramics, and rougher surfaces, such as wicker cabinet doors or matte mosaic tiles, makes for a warm and vibrant bathroom.

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Wood, rattan, bamboo

Wood, rattan, bamboo

Wood species used in this style are without exception light, airy, flexible and strong at the same time. They provide your bathroom with natural lightness.

Claire Voie - Sanijura


Light is just as necessary as air, always present in a subtle way. It creates a soft, airy atmosphere that can be enhanced by opting for white walls.

old and new

Boho chic style nonchalantly combines a bit of nostalgia with today's comfort.


printed motifs

It may seem as if these motifs have ended up on the wall or on the floor somewhat randomly or by accident, but don't believe it! They really do set the tone in your bathroom.

colour accents

Back to our roots, to earthly forces, to our origins! Terracotta, brown, ochre, rust - both the lightest and the darkest shades are found in abundance.

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