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Style : Boho Chic

Freedom of design and layout of the space, which can be structured and destructured at will.

The more stylish and comfortable the bathroom becomes, the more we expect from it: to sit down and move around, to shave, style our hair and apply make-up without being rushed, to be there and linger, to chat, share and relax...

The Unique collection meets all these expectations, and many more: to have a dressing table, to design a personalised laundry room, to tidy up without cluttering up... Elegance to boot!

This collection is currently not on display in our showrooms.

    Solid colours like in a painting

    Unique Horizon

    The semi-columns in matching colours reinforce the style while providing extra storage space. 

    Slender and light: the CéramCarrée washbasin is true to style: sophisticated!

    A place of comfort and beauty

    This ultra-slender ceramic vanity top with off-centre washbasin offers you plenty of space for your bits and pieces.

    The dressing table, designed to be used while sitting or standing, consists of a horizontal recess, an open semi-column and a decorative panel with three hooks. 


    Glossy white, timelessly bright

    Unique blanc brillant
    Glossy white, here combined with light wood,  brightens up any space.

    One tower cabinet, wall units and a recess: a clever, multi-functional whole.

    Unique blanc brillant