Shower tower Pulsify S 260 EcoSmart with ShowerTablet 400 - 2 jets

€1509.48 Including. VAT€1247.50 Excluding VATIs your building older than 10 years?
Reduction of VAT to 6% is applicable if the purchase and placement are done by a professional, along with the building being minimum 10 years old. The price of the item will be €1322.35
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  • consists of: ceiling shower, hand shower, shower thermostat, shower bar, shower hose
  • ceiling shower Pulsify 260 2jet
  • jet type overhead shower: PowderRain, Intense PowderRain
  • CoolContact thermostat prevents the outside from heating up, making showering even safer
  • ShowerTablet Select 400 thermostat