Give your bathroom fancy hotel vibes: small details, big impact

From the smallest accessories to a well-thought-out material and colour palette, even in the bathroom it comes down to details. A bathroom in which everything is just right immediately exudes a kind of luxury. And it does so without costing you a fortune. In this article you will discover how to transform your bathroom into a stylish room that feels like a luxury hotel with a few well-considered interventions.

Badkamer accessoires

Choose your accessories carefully

Accessories are the finishing touch in your bathroom. By coordinating them, you create tranquillity and uniformity. They are also essential for turning your bathroom into a functional space. That is why our advisors often advise you to wait before choosing them and to live in your new bathroom for a few weeks first. That way, you will know perfectly which accessories are still missing and which are superfluous.

Go for wall lighting or indirect light

Ceiling lights we all know and are probably so popular because there is often a power point already incorporated in the ceiling. By contrast, wall lighting or indirect lighting are much less common in bathrooms. Such lighting may require more thought beforehand, but it immediately gives your bathroom a more exclusive look.

Give your bathroom that extra touch with coloured taps

Coloured taps continue to be a hit. Which is only logical, because they quickly give your bathroom that extra touch. Whereas we used to install black taps en masse, we now notice a rise in brushed versions. A big advantage of these is that they are less prone to scale and therefore much easier to maintain. 

Combine warmth and style with a designer radiator

The days when heating was tucked away in the bathroom are long gone. Give your bathroom a stylish upgrade and opt for a designer radiator. Not only does it look beautiful, but because you dry several towels on it at once, it is also just super practical.

Gekleurde kraan

Work with a uniform material and colour palette

A thoughtful and balanced design where everything is coordinated in materials and colours makes for a calm and clean bathroom. Nowadays, people even go a step further and often choose to continue colours and materials throughout the entire interior: kitchen, living space and bathroom. 

Duscholux Carbon

Use the shower screen as an eye-catcher

Choosing a shower screen may seem like a detail, but it often determines the look of your bathroom. Clear, (semi-)matt, mirror or smoked glass: the choice these days is huge. With a screen in smoked glass, for example, you quickly create a cosy and luxurious atmosphere. The darker shade also offers just a little more privacy than a clear variant.

Get good advice

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom soon, be sure to visit one of our showrooms. Our Facq Showroom advisers will be happy to help you decide on all the details and guide you in creating that perfect hotel style bathroom.

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