Durable materials for your bathroom

Choose durable materials! When it comes to the materials for your bathroom furniture and plumbing fixtures, you can be quite demanding! And the same goes for the walls and floors of your bathroom. Unmatched durability and robustness are an absolute must. In this article you will read more about the specific properties of some of the materials you are sure to encounter.

Enameled steel

Ideal for bathtubs, shower trays and sinks

Enameled steel is durable and 100% recyclable. Moreover, it is resistant to all kinds of scratches and impacts. Finally, it's also good for your wallet: you don't need to add hot water to your bath because it retains heat for a long time. And you need very little product to clean. With guaranteed impeccable hygiene to boot because enameled steel is not porous, so bacteria cannot nestle in it.



Ideal for your bathroom furniture

Would you like an ecologically responsible bathroom? Wood is a natural, warm, easily renewable and recyclable material that you can also easily maintain with nothing more than a damp cloth and some soap. It is very sturdy - especially solid wood - so it lasts a long time. You won't have to replace your furniture anytime soon - a boost to your budget!


Ideal for bathtubs and shower trays

Quaryl® is an exclusive product from Villeroy & Boch. It is a mixture of 60% natural quartz and high-quality sanitary acrylic. Because Quaryl® is highly UV-resistant, it retains gloss and color for years without any problems. The smooth, velvety surface feels pleasant to the touch and is very easy to maintain. All dirt is removed in no time.



Ideal for bathtubs and shower trays

This lightweight material is easy to install and feels wonderfully warm to the touch. So blissful on your bare feet! But of course these are not the only advantages. The brilliant white sanitary acrylic is colorfast, resistant to ultraviolet rays and easy to maintain with the usual cleaning products.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are ideal for floors and walls as well as bathtubs, shower trays, sinks and accessories. They are made of clay mixed with other natural materials such as sand or silica. You can find them as classic tiles or as mosaic tiles. The surface is smooth and non-porous. Nowadays, ceramic tiles are also often treated to be lime and dirt resistant. So an ordinary cleaning product is enough to maintain your ceramic bath, shower or sink!

solid surface

Solid Surface and other synthetic materials

Ideal for wall covering in your bathroom

Solid Surface is a resin made from natural minerals, acrylic resins and pigments. Like other synthetic materials, it is very practical for covering bathroom walls. After all, it comes as easy-to-install panels that are resistant to stains and moisture. As a result, mold and bacteria have no chance! Moreover, they require very little maintenance.