Kitchen taps

The kitchen tap is an essential part of the kitchen. It is used at all times of the day. Today, kitchen mixer taps come in all shapes and styles. Double or single handle mixer taps, straight or U-shaped spout, with or without a pull-out spray... The possibilities are endless!

Our kitchen taps

    Purchasing guide

    How to choose your kitchen tap in 5 easy steps

    01 Twin-lever or single-lever mixer tap?

    The difference? The first one is operated by means of two levers, the second one by means of one lever. In the kitchen, a single-lever tap is more practical because you only need one hand to operate it and because it regulates the water flow and temperature all at once.

    02 The shape of the spout

    Gooseneck, swivel, U-shaped or L-shaped spout. They each have their advantages. Pick your shape based on use and what design you like best. Another practical idea: some taps are flexible, making them ideal for sinks under a window.

    03 Hygienic and economical

    Hands-free! A contactless electronic tap has nothing but advantages. With hygiene never having been more important, this system allows you to operate the tap without touching it. The water starts to flow as soon as it detects your hands and stops to flow as soon as you pull your hands away.

    A Touch Control tap can be turned on by means of a button on the spout, most practical if you're holding stuff on both hands.

    04 Style and colour

    Traditional, retro, cube-shaped or curved... choose a shape of tap that matches the rest of your interior. The same goes for the colour - gold, bronze, black... , not to mention the finish - polished, matt or brushed.

    05 Smart product

    Get chilled, sparkling or boiling water straight from your tap thanks to the Grohe Blue Pure or Red systems. 

    Or opt for the sBox (Hansgrohe): the pull-out hose no longer gets stuck under the sink and is easy to store away again.