Industrial style

Industrial Chic is the counterpart to Boho Chic: resolutely strict and masculine, it is organized around straight lines and angles, and uses materials such as brick, concrete and black steel. Here too, there is ample room for rough imperfections in finish and texture, such as unplastered brick walls or coarse-grained concrete surfaces. In terms of color, black and dark gray are the undeniable leaders. A trend that continues not only in fittings and joinery, but also, for example, in black bathroom ceramics or smoked glass shower and cabinet doors.

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This unpretentious style is perfect for leaving a brick wall exposed. Tip: Did you know that some coverings used in wet rooms perfectly replicate brick? This opens up lots of new possibilities for your bathroom decor!

A16 2.0 - Design


Always there, never dominant. Used as an accent colour for taps, shower profiles or accessories, for example.

Xcross - Alape

solid wood

Robust demands attention. A natural, lively material that exudes warmth.


Metal is a must in industrial style. It is used for windows, furniture legs, mirror frames or shower walls.


Looks rough, but feels soft to the touch and is very practical.

style industriel