How much does it cost to adapt a bathroom for the elderly?

As we grow older, we would like to be able to stay in our own homes for as long as possible. The most valuable gift we can give to the elderly is to help make this partially a reality. Accidents happen quickly in the bathroom, especially to someone who is not too limber. Just a few small adjustments can make a huge difference to safety. Or are more substantial adjustments required? This does not have to cost a fortune either... and will be more than worth it!

Minor adjustments in a bathroom for the elderly

Is the bathroom in itself fairly spacious and safe? With only a few adapted accessories and other details you can make a big difference on a limited budget. Mainly focus on “problem areas” such as the shower, the bathtub and the toilet. If you have a walk-in shower it is the ideal place to start! In this case You often do not have to deal with a step and the shower tray comes with an anti-slip coating. If not you can easily add it yourself. In addition, install enough grab bars along several walls. 

This is just a small chunk of your budget, but can make a huge difference! Grab bars are available from as little as €100. Make sure you have enough of these in the shower and/or the bath as well as near the toilet. A folding shower seat is also a must and it is available from as little as €180.

If the bathroom itself is quite spacious and wheelchair accessible, a few minor details (and a small budget) can make a big difference.

le confort pour les seniors

Major adjustmentts in a bathrooom for the elderly

Is the bathroom just fitted with a tub, an awkward piece of furniture and tall column cabinets? Then it might need some more renovations.

First and foremost, make sure that the wash basin cabinet is wheelchair accessible. Possibly with grab bars on the sides. A basic adapted wash basin can be found from as little as €180. But then of course you don't have any storage space. Special ranges with all the bells and whistles are available that are specifically designed for people with reduced mobility, such as Astral by Delpha. With this package, you do not have to compromise on comfort. Everything has been thought of.

Does the toilet not meet the requirements either? Toilets with an adapted seat height are available to make it easier to stand up and sit down. You can find such a toilet from €350. Nowadays you can go quite far in customising your toilet. Ask an expert for bespoke advice.

In addition, there are also highly effective solutions for replacing your tub with an adapted shower with all the necessary facilities, such as this shower cubicle Kinemagic sérénité +, available from €3,512. Just like that!

Depending on your requirements you can also make more significant adjustments to make a bathroom more accessible and safe on a reasonable budget.

Our advisors will be happy to help you with personal tips based on your needs and budget.