Designer style

"The details are not the details. They make the design." The quote from designer Charles Eames seems perfectly applicable to the designer bathroom. Indeed, here everything is uncluttered, every detail is carefully thought out, nothing is too much or superfluous. Lighting, sinks and taps, for example, are perfectly integrated, furniture is made without handles or knobs and taps are as minimalist as possible, with clean profiles and matte finishes in black, gold or anthracite. Otherwise, the lines are precise, the surfaces smooth and the colors simple and unambiguous. Materials, meanwhile, are generally rich, with vanity tops, shower enclosures, floors and sometimes even entire walls made of natural stone. Impressive! In any case, the designer bathroom is not afraid of sharp contrasts.

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sheer minimalism

Does it still surprise you when you read that this is a no-frills style? Clean lines are key and create a perfectly structured and orderly space.

Ocube - AquaPrestige
Facq Creation Luxus

neutral colours

Design does not shout. Thanks to its natural power, it doesn't need to. So no loud colours, but restrained tones that show off the furniture to its full advantage.

QTime - AquaPrestige

natural stone

Lovely without being overpowering, natural charm without any artifice.

built-in taps

Nothing is superfluous. Why would you show something that can be neatly tucked away?

Tulum by Starck - Duravit