Which ventilation system should you go for?

Get rid of bad odours, water vapour and saturated air by precisely controlling the amount of fresh air in your home. Ventilation ensures a healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate.

System C

Your home needs to be able to 'breathe' at all times. To achieve just that, it is essential to remove the contaminated air and to ensure a continuous and adequate supply of fresh air and oxygen.

System C is a mechanical system: the air circulates via grilles (dry rooms) or vents (damp rooms) integrated into your windows or walls.

System D

This system dispenses with the need to integrate grilles into your windows or walls. The fresh air flows directly into your home via inlet mouths while the contaminated air is extracted via a ventilator.

This is why system D is also known as a ‘balance ventilation system’.

Bathroom ventilators

A ventilator in your bathroom (or toilet)? An efficient, decentralised ventilation solution for renovation projects.

This system is built into the ceiling or wall and operates continuously at a low speed and constant flow.

Other advantages:

  • low power consumption
  • mounted on ‘silent blocks’

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