The unrivaled comfort of an ensuite bathroom

Do you dream of a place for you alone where you can retreat to completely relax and catch your breath? Do you and your partner have more or less the same time schedule? Is your room big enough to make it both your bedroom and bathroom? Then you might consider an "ensuite bathroom," inspired by suites in luxury hotels. Moreover, two bathrooms in the house are much more comfortable than one. So every family member benefits!

No more compromises!

Installing a second bathroom is an excellent solution to avoid morning or evening scrambles - or even arguments. Especially when the whole family needs the bathroom at almost the same time. And if someone starts work very early or comes home late, no one in the house will be disturbed in their sleep.

Moreover, you can store fragile or items dangerous to children in your own bathroom and arrange it the way you want. Without having to think whether it is safe and practical for the little ones.

Delpha - Graphic
Delpha - Graphic

A space for pure intimacy

The second advantage of a private bathroom adjacent to your bedroom is that you have your own space to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries, without being disturbed in the process. Moreover, you maintain your privacy because basically no one but your partner uses that bathroom.

So you can decorate the master bedroom completely as you see fit. Go for more luxurious furniture, in more expensive materials and with a finer, delicate finish. After all, sturdiness is not the first criterion on which you choose your bathroom furniture. It is whether you like them.

The right dimensions and furniture

To accommodate sleeping and bathroom in one space, the room must obviously be large enough so that you can move around easily and one does not get in the way of the other. Still, the bathroom doesn't necessarily have to be huge. As long as it can accommodate a sink and shower or bathtub (though both are nice, of course) and has plenty of storage space. After all, it is important for the room to look tidy because that promotes relaxation and rest.

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How do you separate the two spaces?

It is essential that both spaces be partially separated by a wall (you can put the walk-in shower against it, for example) or, even better, a glass partition or sliding doors. The reason for this separation? Even if you and your partner have the same time schedule, one may already want to take a shower or bath while the other is still in bed. With a partition, you avoid too much noise and light from the bathroom, allowing you to sleep better. After all, the light must be strong enough to make it easy to shave, make up and de-shave.

Moreover, the heating requirements in the two rooms are not identical. The ideal temperature of a bedroom is between 16 and 18°C, while in the bathroom it can reach 21 or even 23°C. With proper separation, the two parts of the master bedroom can be heated separately.

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New construction versus old construction

If you are going to live in a new construction house that you can still completely design yourself, your architect will certainly give you relevant advice. For example, on the positioning of your en-suite bedroom versus the surrounding buildings. Ideally, your neighbors should not have a clear view of the space, but the windows should obviously be large enough to let in enough natural light and ventilate the room properly.

If you are going to change an existing home and add a bathroom to your bedroom, be sure to call in professionals as well. They can tell you if your project is feasible by checking if the supply and return pipes are accessible or can be easily rerouted. It is not recommended to install a toilet in the room where you sleep (because of the possibility of unpleasant odors). However, if this is unavoidable, professionals can ensure that an effective return air system is provided.

Heating and ventilation

The temperature in both rooms can also be controlled with smart heating. For example, place the radiator(s) as far away from the bed as possible, opt for underfloor heating with tighter loops in the bathroom, or install additional wall heating near the shower or bathtub and equip it with a boost function to raise the temperature almost instantly.

Also, be sure not to forget to make sure that the bathroom space is adequately airtight and can be ventilated. After all, this is essential for healthy air and to avoid moisture problems and mold growth. This is even more important if you are also going to install a dressing room in your bedroom. Because clothes and moisture really don't mix....


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Harmoniously decorated

Since the idea is to combine the two functions in the same room, it is a good idea to decorate the entire space in the same way. For example, choose the same colors for furniture, rugs, wall hangings, accessories, wall coverings and floors: this way you visually reinforce the impression of space and brightness

Finally, light colors and pastel tones, possibly complemented by a bolder accent color, are better for relaxation and well-being than dark or bright colors.