Save time and money: you can completely design your own bathroom in three steps

Do you have plans to renovate or remodel your bathroom and would you like to design your own space as much as possible? Thanks to this easy step-by-step plan for designing your own bathroom, you can become your own interior designer in no time at all!

Explore: find plenty of bathroom inspiration and interior design ideas

It all starts with finding inspiration for your new bathroom. What style would you like your bathroom to be in and what should you make sure it doesn't lack? Find as many bathroom ideas as possible and compile your wish list on Pinterest, in free inspiration magazines or online catalogues. In this way, you can create a mood board to get a good overview of your wants and clear guidelines. Think carefully about the essentials for yourself and your family and put together a setting that perfectly matches your wishes.


Draw a 3D floorplan of your bathroom. It is much easier than it sounds...

Once you have a clear picture of what you want in your bathroom and which bathroom layout appeals to you the most, you can start working with a free online 3D bathroom planner. Using this tool you can easily design your bathroom in a kind of 3D floor plan. This way you can work out the perfect layout and you will know exactly what will or will not fit in your bathroom. And have fun in the process! Have you found your perfect match? Congratulations, you have just designed your own bathroom! 

Print your design and take your bathroom plan to an adviser

Once the picture makes perfect sense to you, you can make an appointment with an expert to further advise you and turn your design into reality. Print out your 3D plan and visit a showroom with your design and mood board. The appointment will go smoothly thanks to your clear guidelines and you will leave satisfied. Just like that!