10 Tips for designing a small bathroom

Do you have a small bathroom? You're not alone! More than half of all bathrooms are on the small side... High time for a little help from our Facq experts. Get the most out of your small bathroom with these 10 tips.


Keeping your small bathroom zen as well as functional?

According to Melissa Op de Beeck, advisor at our Zaventem-based Facq showroom, this is how it's done: "First decide what you want to put in your small bathroom. Keep your design minimalistic and clean and style the room with decorations. You have to take storage space into account, but don't overdo it. People often add a mirror cabinet and a cabinet and another column cabinet. It is better to leave slightly more space so that you don't create a room that is too cluttered. A generous cabinet with a little room on the side. In this way, the bathroom will become more spacious and will immediately exude that zen vibe.

10 tips to design your small bathroom efficiently

The basic rule: Try to visually make the room look bigger. How? Simplel.

Go for the right colours. And don't overdo it. In a small bathroom, light and airy colours are the best choice as they reflect natural daylight.

Provide a lot of transparency. This creates an optical illusion of a spacious bathroom. Especially if combined with mirrors and large tiles.

Muriël, who is responsible for the Facq showroom in Zaventem, explains how you can extend this transparency to your shower: "In a small bathroom, choose a walk-in shower. The glass wall will immediately increase the sense of spaciousness. If you do want a bathroom with a bathtub, you can check whether an adapted shape can save space. With a bath wall, you can take a shower without flooding the entire bathroom".

Light is space. Provide as much natural light as possible and several light sources in your bathroom.

Keep the floor clear. Wall-mounted toilet, cabinets, etc. Go for anything wall-mounted! Install as little as possible on the floor. In order to save space, possibly also opt for a sliding door.

Therefore, use your walls to their full advantage. Do be careful not to fill every space and leave some room to avoid clutter.

Small but not boring! Make sure you have adequate decorations in your small bathroom. Minimalism is definitely an asset; a minimum amount of stuff makes your bathroom look roomier. So store things in cabinets and drawers. Melissa confirms: "For a small bathroom I would always keep it simple. Simple furniture combined with, for example, coloured tiles and a plant. Nowadays, you can also use photo prints in the bathroom. Above all, always keep the overall theme in mind.

Use the available height. A column cabinet or towel radiator (or all-in-one) are smart storage solutions that take up little space.

One last, not unimportant tip: Make sure there is enough ventilation to keep your small space fresh and clean.

Don't overdo it with storage

Melissa concludes: "Don't forget to leave enough room to move around. Don't pack everything in, not every wall has to have a function. Leave some space here and there. You'll achieve a much better look. Make sure you have enough storage space for necessities such as your daily products and a few towels. It's important not to overdo it with storage space." 

Want to easily put together your ideal bathroom layout? Draw your plan using our bathroom planner and make the most of your space.