Furniture range Frame Origin

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Style : Boho Chic
Sustainable collection : Ecowood

Frame origin, and the frame knows no limits

This collection is currently not on display in our showrooms.

    With this new collection, the freedom to like and above all to choose is predominant.

    Far from the predefined frameworks, play with materials and colours according to your own idea of aesthetics, without putting aside functionality and storage.

    4 sizes, 127 finishes and thousands of possible combinations: monochromatic with the "fullmatch" combination, geometric with the "contourmatch", elegant with the "top match" or balanced with the "match" finishes.

    Softness and eccentricity

    Creating a soft space with a subtle touch of eccentricity. This is what the Frame Origin range offers by combining white and ultraviolet pastel. 

    The new terrazzo basin is the centre of attention and the perfect match in the most beautiful way.

    "Choice of combination, materials and finishes; compose your bathroom freely and let your personality shine through.

    Freedom of composition and customisation

    A 4-step method:

    1. Choose your basin table
    2. Choose your furniture
    3. Customise your furniture
    4. Choose your accessories

    and colours

    4 dimensions, choice of composition, possibility to choose the location and style of basin, as well as the type of materials.

    Many colours (fronts and sides) are also available.

    The satin khaki lacquer of the fronts and the walnut of the contours combine to make every moment spent in the room feel like a walk in an alpine forest.

    The final touch: the mirror

    Contour frame

    Only compatible with Reflet Sun mirrors in diameters of 50, 60, 70 and 90 cm.