Get more out of your kitchen with these handy kitchen hacks

The kitchen is about efficiency, convenience and cosiness. It is the place in the home where people talk, laugh and share, but it must also be the place where you can prepare the most delicious dishes. That's why it is important that it is well organised and can be put to optimum use, starting with the right kitchen accessories to make your life a whole lot easier.

Smart accessories for your kitchen sink

To many, the ultimate in kitchen comfort is to be able to prepare a meal quickly and easily and to have everything tidied away again in no time. As most of your time will be spent at and around the sink having all your utensils close to hand will make for a more pleasant cooking experience. Prepare all your dishes efficiently and quickly by opting for the integrated accessories like the efficient Box Center collection by Franke which barely takes up any space and makes everything easy to clean. You could go for a wooden or synthetic chopping board, a wooden knife block, a drip tray and an extra drip rack for crockery.

Box Center Franke

Smart taps

These days more and more every day objects are becoming intelligent. A smart tap will make life a whole lot easier. The minimalist design of the SmartControl by Grohe for instance comes with a range of intelligent functionalities. Turn the tap on or off by pushing the button with your elbow or wrist. Regulate the flow, from eco to a powerful jet, by twisting the button. To adjust the temperature, carefully turn the tap button from left to right. And lastly, the pull-out spray head gives you no end of flexibility when you need to rinse the sink or clean vegetables.

A different level of luxury is the Grohe Red tap. This tap too has been designed with ease of use and efficiency in the kitchen in mind but it also supplies you with boiling hot water at a push of the button. Sustainable and safe, you'll save on water and energy because you'll only use the exact amount of water you need... super quick and easy!

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