Smarthome: an intelligent home

By connecting thermostat, thermostatic valves and boiler, you can save and enjoy the ultimate comfort. Intelligent security protects you against theft, burglary and fire. It also detects micro leaks and the risk of freezing. Danger can come from outside: people with bad intentions who want to break in, for example. But fire, a water leak or frozen pipes can also have a major impact on your safety and sometimes involve expensive repairs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, thanks to a number of smart solutions.


A programmable thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature in your home in function of what you need day and night. The connected thermostat takes matters one step further:

via an app or your smartphone you get to control your heating, hot water and air con remotely.


Controlling your boiler remotely via your tablet or smartphone, allows you to 

  • ensure maximum hot water production
  • keep a close eye on your consumption
  • check how long you will have to wait before you can take your next shower
  • switch your boiler to standby mode…


Via a special app, you can remotely control every radiator in every room individually.

That way you can be sure that every room is at the perfect temperature and that you won't be wasting any energy, something you'll definitely notice in your next annual breakdown...

Water leak safety system

Protect your home against water damage with the Grohe Sense Guard (Grohe) and Pontos (hansgrohe). These systems detect leaks, frost, air humidity and unusual temperatures and automatically shut off the water intake if a pipe is damaged. 

This sensor also allows you to monitor your water consumption. The systems are controlled via an app that will alert you to any issues via an alarm signal and push notifications.

Burglary and fire protection

A wireless security system connected to the whole home will protect you against burglars and fire. Remotely control your heating and activate or deactivate your alarm via your smartphone!

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