Enough hot water at a lower cost!

Thermodynamic boilers

A thermodynamic water heater is an air/water heat pump combined with a hot water tank. It extracts heat from the room in which it is installed or from outside and releases it to the water in the boiler. 

Up to 75% of the energy needed to heat domestic water comes from heat in the air. This means that a thermodynamic water heater consumes up to 75% less energy than a conventional electric water heater.

If you also have the option of connecting your thermodynamic water heater to your photovoltaic solar panels, you can, for example, use all the energy produced by your panels during the day to power your water heater and produce hot water in your absence. So you'll have hot water when you need it in the evening for your shower or bath!

Solar boilers

Take advantage of sunlight for your hot water.

Solar boilers take full advantage of sunlight to heat domestic hot water at lower cost. It's a great way to save energy, because solar energy is free, and it's also an efficient way of covering your hot water needs, without CO2 emissions.

To produce domestic hot water in an energy-efficient way, you can opt for a solar water heater. This is a system in which solar collectors capture sunlight and convert its electromagnetic radiation into heat. 

Note that solar collectors are not solar panels. Nor are they photovoltaic cells, but a number of tubes connected in series through which water circulates. 

The great advantage of a solar water heater is that a quantity of heat is available at any time of the day, even if the sun is not shining (or almost).

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