Rainwater harvesting

Use rainwater - which is absolutely free - for your garden, toilet, washing machine, cleaning, etc.

A sensible alternative to drinking water!

Rainwater can be a valuable ally in preserving our environment and resources

Thanks to sanitary pumps, hydrophore units and submersible pumps, we can capture this precious resource from the sky and put it to good use in our homes. 

And there's another good reason: rainwater is FREE!

The different types of pump

Sanitary pump

It is designed to increase the pressure of our water distribution systems.

It guarantees an adequate water flow and sufficient pressure to supply our sanitary appliances (taps, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.).

Hydrophore pump

This is a more complex system. Its role is to maintain water pressure in a supply system. It monitors the water pressure and automatically starts the pump when it falls below a certain level.

It then stores the water in a reservoir for external use. In short, the hydrophore unit guarantees a constant and stable supply of water, especially when the water source is intermittent.

Submersible pump

It is a pump which, as its name suggests, is placed under water. It is used to evacuate clean or contaminated water from a flooded basement or crawl space.

The situations in which a submersible pump can be used are as follows: draining basements or crawl spaces, emptying rooms, emptying wells, etc.

Our solutions for making the best use of rainwater

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