Ecological living? Here is what you can take into account

Big or small, water and energy play a major role in every home. More than ever, we are paying attention to water and energy savings. For Facq too, this is one of the most important areas of concern when furnishing a home. Not only does it benefit the environment, it also benefits your wallet. And the good news is: saving energy is not difficult at all!

A number of ecological solutions to consider when building or renovating your home

When building or renovating your home there are a number of solutions you could consider to reduce your energy and water consumption.


Traditional radiators are still efficient but the ultra-low temperature radiators or electric radiators will become more popular because of their ecological benefits.


A boiler that doesn't cost the earth to run and is kind to the environment? Easy-peasy: the condensing boiler. Compared to a traditional boiler, it will save you 30 to 40 % in energy. 

Renewable energy

By installing a heat pump you get to choose your own free heat source: water, air or soil, which will allow you to produce 75 % of your energy. A thermodynamic boiler uses the calories in the ambient air to produce domestic hot water while a solar water heater will produce 50 % of the hot water an entire family will need over the course of a year.


It is essential that your home is able to breathe at all times. Ensure a continuous supply of fresh air by opting for a ventilation system tailored to your lifestyle.

Water treatment

Do think about filtration, lime neutralisation and water softening to prevent leaking taps, damaged pipes and steep energy bills.… Rainwater harvesting is another thing we wouldn't be without. In 60 % of cases you can use rainwater instead of mains water. Doing your laundry, flushing the toilet and showering are some of the examples that spring to mind. And the best bit: rainwater is completely free!

Also take a look at the many ‘smart home’ solutions currently on the market as they can help you optimise and monitor your consumption.


A few simple tips to help you live more sustainably

Make sustainable living part and parcel of daily life!

A bath uses about 150 litres of water, a 5-minute shower roughly 50 litres. So by showering instead of taking a bath you are doing your bit for the environment. Or how about a little romance and showering with your partner? 

Every appliance in standby mode consumes energy, something that will be reflected in your bills. Use sockets with a switch and chargers that switch off automatically. Swap your old bulbs for energy-saving ones and dim your lights to cut down on your energy consumption altogether. 

Maximum savings based on your housing situation? Make an appointment with 1 of our  ‘Green Home’ experts at your nearest Facq showroom