A green autumn

In autumn, nature prepares for winter. Feel free to follow her lead, nature is an incredibly good counselor.

In autumn, the sun becomes rarer, leaves fall and rain often plays spoilsport.... Temperatures drop and the need for heating increases again. So this season invites us to rethink our habits and look for sustainable solutions that reduce our ecological footprint. Sometimes a small gesture can make a big difference!

The connected thermostat

Smart home solutions such as connected thermostats and connected valves enable you to heat precisely where and when you need to. What's more, with an Internet-connected thermostat, you can easily control your system and the temperature in your home remotely and from anywhere. And you'll save a lot of energy too.

Smart home

The heat pump

Another thing you can do for the planet: make sure your energy comes from renewable sources as much as possible! Why not simply replace your boiler with a heat pump? Even in the coldest autumn weather, a heat pump can capture calories from the air or the ground to heat your home.

Take advantage of renewable energy

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater can cover up to 60% of your water needs. Water runs off your roof when it rains.... Catch it in a rainwater tank and use it later, thanks to a pump, dirt-resistant filters and a special water circuit!  

Whatever water you use, we give you the means to use much less of it.


Low-temperature radiators

A low-temperature radiator uses up to 30% less energy than a conventional radiator to provide the same thermal comfort.


Ventilation system D

Fall is the season when the need for heating increases again. Prevent the heat produced from escaping and insulate roofs, facades, floors, windows and doors. Or ensure that every kWh of energy is used optimally.... With dual-flow ventilation (system D), which recovers 90% of the heat in the house when the air is changed, your boiler, for example, will turn on later in the season and much less often.


for every season

It is possible to preserve our planet for future generations while creating a comfortable and economical environment for ourselves. Get inspired by our seasons and come talk to one of our Green House advisors.

The house of tomorrow

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Renewable energy

The air, the sun and the earth energise your home! The calories still present in the air or the earth are captured by heat pumps and released into your radiators. The same goes for the hot water in your showers with a thermodynamic water heater. In short, a heat pump can do everything your boiler can! Lead the way. Break away from fossil fuels and enjoy a comfortable warmth.

Sustainable heating

Less energy for the same feeling of warmth! With underfloor heating and low-temperature radiators, you're already saving over 10%!


Ventilation ensures a healthy indoor climate, while being energy efficient. It can recover up to 90% of the warmth in the home, while providing healthy air! Eliminate unpleasant odours, water vapour and saturated air by precisely managing air renewal. 

Rainwater harvesting

60% of your water needs can be met by rainwater! You can use it for the toilet, washing, watering plants, etc. You collect rainwater in a cistern and use it later with a pump, anti-dirt filters and a dedicated water circuit. What are you waiting for?

Water treatment

Softer tap water will benefit the longevity of your sanitary installations and your energy consumption. With a water softener, you can prevent energy-consuming and harmful scaling of pipes and many appliances. Did you know that 1 mm of limescale increases energy consumption by 10%?

Smart home

Electronics provide a major boost: smart home solutions such as connected thermostats and connected valves allow you to heat precisely where and when you need to. The same goes for your hot water when you're on holiday: with a connected water heater, you can activate the absence mode remotely and avoid wasting energy!

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