Wall-mounted toilet Soleil by Starck Rimless

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Size : Standard
Colour : Glossy white
Sustainable collection : Watereconomy

Design by Philippe Starck

Type of fixation

With SoftClose seat. DxW: 54x37 cm.

The Soleil design has also been replicated in the toilets, with their filigrane, slightly protruding seat covers.

This makes the toilet easy to open without having to touch the ceramic - a distinct advantage from a hygiene point of view. The SoftClose feature ensures that the cover closes gently and noislessly. All our wall-mounted toilets come with the efficient HygieneFlush technology that cleans the whole of the toilet bowl, using a mere 4.5 l of water. Combined with the highly effective antibacterial ceramic glaze, HygieneGlaze, outstanding hygiene is assured.

Open flush rim, innovative and powerful routing of the rinse water

With its new Rimless technology, Duravit proves that efficiency and geometry, fluid mechanics and design can go hand in hand.

The Duravit Rimless® open flush rim makes for an innovative and efficient rinse: the dynamic and powerful water jet makes a horizontal circle before flowing away vertically, rinsing the whole bowl in its path.