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Reduction of VAT to 6% is applicable if the purchase and placement are done by a professional, along with the building being minimum 10 years old. The price of the item will be €265.00
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The VIS WC element has a Fresh Box for a water tank cube, an adjustable flush flow restrictor and a connection option for a 7.5 / 4.5 l shower WC with front release.

Self-supporting, powder-coated steel construction

Self-locking feet with adjustable base plates suitable for plasterboard profiles UW50 and UW75 Including wall bracket with front edge depth adjustment

Cistern insulated against condensation Transmission of button function via flexible cable technology Angle tap R 1/2 PE connecting bend 90° diam. 90 / 110mm. 2 M12 threaded bolts Sound insulation set included