Shower toilet Sensia® Arena

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Discover a new vision of cleanliness

Numerous functions for customised care:

  • optimum personal hygiene
  • supremely hygienic rinse
  • personal comfort

Discover a new level of hygiene with the elegantly designed Grohe Sensia Arena shower toilet, fitted with self-cleaning technology. 

A new dimension in care and personal hygiene thanks to this Japanese-style toilet that combines the functions of a toilet and bidet with a whole lot more. These state-of-the-art toilets are fitted with two self-cleaning, adjustable showerheads, an oscillating spray, a massage spray and a dryer. The many cleverly thought-out features, such as the automatic opening of the lid and seat, the powerful flush that reaches and cleans the entire ceramic bowl, the ability to adjust the position of the showerhead, including the temperature and intensity of the spray and the heat of the dryer are guaranteed to turn your visits to the bathroom into a veritable pleasure.