Shower toilet Axent One

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one design - multiple functions


AXENT.ONE and AXENT.ONEPLUS combine timeless elegance, the latest technology and supreme craftsmanship with a number of exceptional functions. Spray intensity, water temperature, bidet shower or lady shower are easily controlled and adjusted using the remote control.

AXENT.ONEPLUS brings a visit to the bathroom to a new level altogether. The toilet's many extra functions will turn your bathroom into a veritable wellness oasis.

Axent One

Design by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

Axent One détail

The oscillating and/or pulsating spray with bidetor lady shower function ensures a thorough and pleasant clean.

Once the sensor that is integrated in the toilet seat detects that you are sitting down, it automatically activates the deodoriser.

For maximum comfort whatever the season, the seat comes with an adjustable thermostat that can be set to suit individual requirements.

Adjust the heat of the dryer using the remote control or app.