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Handbasin tap Clivia

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Chrome washbasin tap. Connection to the supply pipes is via a 1/2" nipple. The tap body is made from cast brass, heated to 1100°C and cast in a single piece. The valve body is then sanded, polished, nickel-plated and chromium-plated with a 5.3 micron chrome top coat. It complies with ISO92227 and DIN50021 standards, which determine corrosion resistance. Tap with removable aerator. Handle rotation range: 90°. For safety, it uses a unique internal mechanism with 2 ceramic discs, the lower one fixed and the upper one movable, with a rotation range of 90°. The tap is fitted with blue metal markings. The valve has an ideal operating pressure of between 1 and 5 bar and a peak pressure of up to 10 bar. The crane body withstands a static pressure of 16. Overall crane height: 126 mm Jump: 101 mm Spout height: 58 mm