Bathroom tap range Vantis Style

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A new level of elegance

With the modern style of the HANSAVANTIS Style, you can explore a whole new world of bathroom design. Elevate the look, feel and comfort of any bathroom through a combination of modern slim proportions and classic design. 

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When great design becomes an attraction of its own, you know it will make a difference in your life. Besides bringing beauty to life, this HANSAVANTIS Style is also designed to bring any modern bathroom or kitchen to the next level. Slender design and graceful shapes make this faucet the highlight of any space.


  • Freestanding bathtub faucet available 
  • Slim proportions for an elegant silhouette
  • Fits the latest basin design with its ultra precise shapes and surfaces 
  • Swivel spout for more leeway
  • Extra-high variant for bowl-shaped basins