A new shower: how to make the right choice

Choosing a shower is not always easy. There are endless possibilities. Will you go for comfort, luxury, design, an all-in-one option...? Find the shower that suits you best by following these steps.

1. Choose your shower's location and shape

Where do you want to install the shower? Against a wall? Between 2 or 3 walls? This will affect the shape you choose for your shower tray. Depending on where you want to install your shower, you can opt for a square, rectangular or quarter-circle shape.

2. Do you prefer a walk-in shower or a closed one?

Are you a big fan of walk-in showers? And do you have the space for it? With a walk-in shower, you get a very open feeling in your bathroom. No shortage of design and luxury! But a closed shower, in a corner or alcove, also has many advantages as it provides more privacy, retains heat and prevents a wet bathroom floor. The choice is yours!

3. Which door and walls do you choose for your shower?

Is your bathroom limited? Save space by going for a sliding or swinging door. If you have a little more room and prefer a wide shower entry, You can opt for a swing door. If opening the door is hampered, it is best to choose a hinged door with off-centre pivoting hinges.

The shower wall Is typicallly made of clear glass, but you can also giive it a personal touch. Create more privacy by selecting a screen-printed or grey shower enclosure. Or give your bathroom a more spacious look with shower enclosures in mirrored glass.

4. Which material to pick for your shower tray?

Your shower tray is not an easy choice either. There are various options, all of which are resistant and pleasant to the touch. You can choose between acrylic (non-slip and adjusts to the water temperature), quaryl (offers the same advantages, but is even more resistant), enamelled steel (scratch-resistant, inflexible and strong) and plastic (hard and dimensionally stable). Nowadays, most shower trays are also available in various colours or even with a personalised, unique print, so that you can completely customise your shower! Tip: choose an anti-slip coating for extra safety and comfort. 

5. Extra tips for the perfect shower

Looking for a total solution? If so, a shower cubicle is an easy all-in-one solution.

Are you renovating your bathroom? There are various types of wall covering systems, such as Panelle from Duscholux and EasyStyle from Huppe. These can be easily adapted to any size room. They are the ideal solution for renovating your bathroom easily, without dust or noise and give your bathroom a modern, retro or rustic look in record time.