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Style : Design

Modern, high-end elegance.

The XSquare bathroom furniture range designed by Kurt Merki Jr. combines different materials to create a brand-new, exciting world. The finishes on the cabinets and base units are combined with striking chrome profiles, giving the entire collection its own refined aesthetic style.

This collection is on display in the showroom. Come and appreciate it in real life by making an appointment in one of the following showrooms:

All the vanity units are available with one, two or three drawers. 

The drawers are fitted with high-end maple or walnut organisers.


XSsquare is the range par excellence if you're looking for new colour combinations by opting for a lacquered surface, chrome profiles and a vanity top in the same colour as the unit or in solid walnut even. The way to go if you love a two or three-colour scheme!


The handle-free, push-to-open fronts add to the elegance and charm of the ensemble.


XSquare, the solution for XS bathrooms

Even small bathrooms will benefit from the unique aesthetics of the XSquare series. Wall-mounted or free-standing, XSquare is a range designed for small bathrooms.