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Style : Boho Chic
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    Rough oak, a touch of nature to your bathroom!

    Unique Archi chên brut
    This rough oak unit with built-in ceramic washbasin harmoniously blends into this timeless eclectic decor.

    Unique Archi chêne brut - poignée
    The black details (handles, shelve brackets, contour of the mirror) accentuate the dark grain of this rough oak decor.
    The dressing table is back in the bathroom! Create your own beauty space with this Unique drawer unit, worktop, mirror and sconce

    Unique coifffeuse

    Concrete and wood, an unexpected alliance

    Unique Archi béton
    The purity of the high-gloss metallic graphite glass accentuates the sleek lines of the worktop.
    Play of mirrors! Combine our 2 diameters (60 and 80 cm) for a trendy decor.
    Unique Archi béton - miroir
    Unique Archi béton - Colonne
    Open or closed, mirrored or concrete front, the columns liven up the walls.

    Ultra-design layout!

    Here, the ROC washbasin, resting on a thick, long top is treated like work of art. The two columns accentuate its design while providing you with all the storage you need.