Furniture range SYS 30 Sana

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Style : Boho Chic

Variable geometry solutions.

Sana is the perfect example of a modular bathroom furniture range.

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    Tailor-made storage for the entire bathroom

    Elegant contrasts

    The stunning lines of the Sana facades are brilliantly accentuated by the different wood shades. Sana is also available in a lacquered and acrylic finish; perfect if you want to create a play of ambiance with a tiled dresser. The harmonious atmosphere can be further accentuated by pastel shades and warm greys.

    A unit in warm wooden tones: toffee coloured oak.  The facing with its decorative gold-coloured fittings make for a pleasant contrast. 
    SYS 30 Sana

    A bathroom in your favourite colour

    SYS 30 Sana

    In the process of designing your new bathroom? Or do you simply want freshen up the paint of your old one?

    Burgbad SYS30 gives you free rein in your designer journey: fronts lacquered in 8 basic and 12 trendy colours that change from time to time. If you can't find your favourite colour anymore, just give us the RAL colour you are looking for.

    SYS 30 Sana

    All lacquered fronts are available in a gloss or matt finish. Which one should you go for? Basically, it's a matter of taste. A gloss finish will reflect the light better and will give your bathroom a lofty look. The surfaces are easy to clean.

    SYS 30 Sana