Renovating kitchen cabinets: a few practical tips

Is your old kitchen in need of a facelift? Don't quite have the budget for a new kitchen? You can update your existing kitchen cabinets in such a way that you will no longer recognise your own kitchen. With this step-by-step plan to renovate your kitchen cabinets, you won't want to wait another day!

1. Updating your kitchen cabinets

A new colour can work wonders. Fed up with white kitchen cabinet doors? Fancy something new, something bold? Go to the paint shop or get inspiration on Pinterest and choose a funky or stylish colour. Did you know that black kitchens are on trend?


To paint your kitchen cabinets, it is best to remove the doors. Put some old newspapers or a large plastic sheet on the floor and lay the cabinet doors on them. Sand them down, degrease them with warm water and ammonia, and you can start painting. A small paint roller will give the most even result. Be sure not to forget the sides!


Feel like something completely sleek? Then you can spray lacquer the cabinet doors. Not a DIY-er? Specialist companies can do this with scratch-resistant and colour fast two-component lacquer. Your kitchen will shine bright as never before!

cuisine rénovation

2. The finish is in the details

You can also do all sorts of things with the handles. Nice and retro? You can often find beautiful doorknobs in flea markets or second-hand shops. Or buy neutral wooden handles and paint them in the colour of your choice. You can leave the inside of the kitchen cabinets unchanged if you like. If you really want a unique retro kitchen, you can decorate it with old wallpaper.

3. Kitchen design: think practical

When updating your kitchen cabinets, think practical. Are you using all the space? Are you short on space? Maybe you can use the soffits up to the ceiling? With a little extra work, you can create extra storage space and keep the kitchen equipment you don't use often, like that steam cooker or juicer, high and dry behind a new set of kitchen doors.

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