How to choose the right sink for your kitchen

When building or renovating, you are faced with countless choices. The mind boggles at the number of interior design items you are suddenly expected to have an opinion about. A sink for your kitchen, for example: you may not realise it, but sinks come in all shapes and materials. Washing your hands, doing the washing-up, rinsing lettuce or tomatoes: you need a sink several times a day. But how do you choose the right sink for your kitchen?

Do you opt for a stainless steel, synthetic, natural stone or ceramic sink?

You can base your choice on the look and feel of the materials, or on their functionality. Each material has its own pros and cons. For example, a stainless steel sink is highly affordable and easy to maintain, but not very original. If you want to turn your sink into an eye-catcher, it is better to choose ceramic. Stylish and elegant, and surprisingly durable. But be careful with knives and scissors.

Do you want something really luxurious? Then you can also choose a solid natural stone. If you prefer something a bit more funky, go for a synthetic sink: cheap and available in all kinds of cheerful colours.

Maris Franke
Maris Franke

Which type of installation do you choose for the kitchen sink?

For the installation of the sink, you can choose between top-mounted, built-in and undermounted. If it is top-mounted, the edge of the sink rises slightly above the work surface. The most common choice is the built-in sink: the edge of the sink is subtly visible but does not impede cleaning. A undermount sink is fitted under the worktop. This type of sink is usually combined with a natural stone sink.

Can it be a little more/less?

Big family, small family? Kitchen pro or amateur chef? Do you have a dishwasher at home? These factors will help determine how big you want your sink to be. If you only cook occasionally, a single sink will probably do. Do you have a number of children and no dishwasher? Then a double sink is not an unnecessary luxury. There is also a middle ground: a one-and-a-half bowl sink offers the best of both worlds.

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