System D Ubiflux Vigor W400

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Ventilation device with heat recovery

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Ubiflux Vigor is synonymous with energy efficiency, extreme compactness and high thermal efficiency combined with low power consumption. The result is an improved aerodynamic design thanks to the Holmak heat exchanger developed in-house. Ubiflux Vigor features state-of-the-art communication. All the units can be connected in different ways.

•    Extremely compact, energy-efficient unit with very high thermal efficiency
•    Most accurate constant flow 2.0 = guarantee of equal supply and return
•    TFT touchscreen with clear menu structure, including practical installation and maintenance wizards
•    Convenient maintenance and minimum spare parts
•    Balsifon included

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The Ubiflux Vigor W400 4/0 right is a ventilation system with heat recovery with a ventilation capacity of up to 400m³ / h at 200Pa. In order to be able to choose the right device in all circumstances, the devices are available in 2 versions: four air connections above or two connections above and two connections below. Ubiflux Vigor has an upgrade version to the Plus version which gives additional connection functions.