System D HRC-350

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Ventilation D

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    The HRC (Orcon) is the balanced ventilation system for all applications. It supplies as much clean filtered outdoor air as it removes polluted air. In the process, the heat from the exhausted polluted air is recovered and transferred back to the supplied filtered outdoor air. Thanks to its intelligent operation, it ventilates only when needed. The result: an extremely healthy and comfortable indoor climate and lower energy bills at all times.

    •    Capacity 399 m³/h and 499 m³/h
    •    Thermal efficiency up to 89% NBN EN308 BE
    •    Extremely low power consumption
    •    Whisper quiet
    •    Revolutionary modulating 100% bypass
    •    Top and side connections available
    •    Easily expandable with RF sensors and/or RF controls, up to 20 units
    •    Reversing module: right and left mounting
    •    Standard with humidity sensor
    •    Highly insulating EPP housing
    •    Filter indication
    •    Constant flow motors / automatic flow control
    •    Configurable with Niko domestic ventilation module